In 2003, when the opportunity came up, I made the difficult decision of taking a massive pay cut to leave my engineering job to pursue my passion.


I apprenticed at an internationally renowned wedding photography company, where in five years, I quickly rose to become one of the principal photographers.

An engineer by training, my fascination with photography began more with the equipment than the art.


I love the mechanics of cameras and quickly grew a quirky collection of cheap plastic cameras and pre-war Russian collectibles.


While I had fun taking photos with those cameras, I soon felt that they never quite gave me the control and image quality I wanted, so I picked up my first fully manual film SLR and a 50mm lens in 2000.


Largely self-taught through photography books, the occasional photography course and the constant support of friends, I came to the realisation that my favourite subject(s) were people.


Always with a camera on hand, I began with portraits of family and friends. I discovered that I enjoyed documenting the right moments/expressions and it was only a natural progression to freelancing at wedding photography.



Light Works Photography

Light Works Photography began in 2008. Though it started first as a brand for the collection of personal work that I was working on, in 2009, I decided to concentrate all my effort on Light Works Photography. This freed me from the constraints of working for a company with an eye on the bottom line and allowed me to pursue my personal direction and philosophy in this craft.


My philosophy for Light Works Photography is quite simple. Light Works is not just about producing great photographs. Light Works takes the time to communicate with and understand each client's needs. No person, no couple and no company will be exactly the same, so why should you want the same photos as someone else?


You come to Light Works because you are after something different. Someone who cares enough to listen to what you really want.



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