"Good photography is a marriage of technical know-how and the creativity of composition. Without one or the other, the photo is merely a snapshot."

This one month basic photography course consists of four weekly lessons and one outdoor photo shoot.

Bought an SLR and have no idea why you can't take photos better than with a compact camera? Wish you could take better photos on your holidays? This course is basically designed for the beginner or the enthusiast that wants to take their photography one step further.

I believe in keeping class sizes small so that I can give each student an ample amount of attention. It also facilitates and promotes an atmosphere of healthy discussion. A minimum course run will have 6 students and the maximum class size will be 10 students. All lessons are customisable to meet the specific needs of the class participants.

This course is structured to educate the student in the entire photography process, from the settings and proper use of equipment, to the rules and fundamentals of composition, right up to workflow management and basic photoshop techniques to enhance the presentation of your photos.

A willingness to learn and any camera with manual override capabilities, obviously an SLR would be best!

Want to learn more? Advanced lessons in flash photography and studio lighting & photography are also available.

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